Get the fuck over it.

Nineteen. Northern Kentucky. Trying to figure it all out.

Alexander ♥ Jan. 10th, 2010

All I can say is, I’m pissed! Elena and Damon need to be together. Now. Them being apart just isn’t right and watching Elena comfort Damon… I happen to think it was more than adorable. Damon looked so helpless and as she told him it wasn’t real you just watched as hope sort of filled back up in his eyes. It was cute. Then later Elena still just walked away… I know they aren’t really good for each other in all ways, but they are. Elena is the reason Damon did all he could to be good and Damon is the reason Elena lost some of her good girl crap. I’m not saying she’s not good because she absolutely is, but being 100% good isn’t helpful.

Ugh, I just want them together.

I literally worked 4 hours today. 4. Considering I work 20 minutes away from my home I spent an hour going to and from work to maybe make enough to cover the gas I spent getting up there. I really hate that she gives me these stupid hours.

My opinion of my job goes back and forth. Sometimes I enjoy it. Just the simple things like being around people all day and only being nineteen and people believing I can do such great things. And just the fact that I am nineteen and a shift manager.

But other times, the bullshit just gets to me. Like the immaturity of the people there. Not even necessarily the young ones. I’ve seen the most immaturity come from the ones that are in their 30’s. They aren’t terrible people. And I don’t feel like they intentionally behave the way they do it’s just something they’ve always done.

Yet again, some of the things they do does seem intentional, but more out of the fact that they think I’m incapable of my job. Or at least that’s what it seems to me. They prefer to wait for another shift to come back from her delivery and give the same solution I did than to listen to me. Instead of stopping me from making a mistake they just let me do it, then later rat on me to not only my big bosses, but my coworker. Come on now? Why not just tell me in one way or another. I’m still new and things were different at my old job. 

It’s all the stupid shit that is really making me want to find something else. Again.