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Alexander ♥ Jan. 10th, 2010

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Went to the gas station yesterday and when walked up to pick a coke this was the first one on the shelf in front of me. I thought that was awesome!
Is it weird that I’m actually slightly excited for school to start? #funny #me #pretty #smile #school #college

I forgot to post this when I wrote it…

My vacation is two weeks and a few days away and I’m excited of course. I mean first cruise and it’s with Alex. It seems like he can make almost anything sound appealing. :) I’m ready to be off for a week and a half. I mean, I like working and making money, but to be on a cruise away from everything, going to new places and exploring! Seeing something besides the bland area I call home. I should’ve probably researched a little about the ship and Jamaica and The Cayman Islands, but I guess I want to be suprised. Hmmm… Or I could also start looking now and make myself more anxious/excited I don’t know quite what I’m going to do yet. Maybe I’ll decide to look today or driving down to Florida. Who knows what my crazy self will decide.



Something new.

My laptop has a bing health and fitness app and I just tried a couple minutes of the yoga it had on there. >I’m 100% positive I didn’t do half of it right. But yet, I feel slightly better and I only did a couple of minutes. I think I’m going to have to try that again tomorrow.